Kid friendly walks – Kinder reservoir

The second of the Peak District walks, this time a bit more open but equally as pleasant and fun for the kids.

The march along the lakeside

Kinder reservoir is a great walk for kids that has both views and stories to keep the kids entertained. You can park at Bowden Bridge car park (charges apply), which when we were there had a mobile coffee bar. There are quite a few spaces here, but it does fill up. At the car park there’s a plaque dedicated to the mass trespass of Kinder scout in 1932, an event which helped pave the way for many walking rights we enjoy today, so the first part of the story for the kids.

The plaque for the mass trespass of Kinder scout

From there you walk north up the road/trail, initially through a more wooded area parallel to a stream. Plenty of leaf and stick collecting to be had along the way, and it’s easy underfoot too. It does start to go uphill and the path narrows, but it’s still fairly easy going and reaches the edge of the reservoir. If you’re there at the right time the hills on the other side look particularly nice. You can follow the path all round the west side of the reservoir to a small flat spot which is both a junction of a few paths and also a good spot to stop for a packed lunch. This was as far as our little ones could go, so we headed back from there which was a 3 mile round trip (the video of our trip is here).

The view from the southwest corner of Kinder reservoir

Not far from that point is mermaids pool, something that can act as an interesting story point for smaller kids or a good destination for further walks. Overall it’s a pretty versatile spot to head to. Whether you use this as a shorter walk or part of something much longer, it’s a good way to start and fairly easy going on the legs.

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