Polish food

An alternative name for this post could be “how I gained a few kilos”, but that aside it would be impossible to write a series on Poland without at least one post about the food. Not only because food is a topic worth discussing in any description of a place, but also its one of my vices, hence the aforementioned alternative title. So here is my best attempt at doing justice to the Polish cuisine.

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Polish weddings

So I thought for the first entry in the series I’d go with what is probably a common way for people to experience Poland, a wedding. Being from the UK, and having a nice and diverse environment, weddings of friends are often a reason for people to travel to somewhere new, and Poland is no exception. It also happens to be a real fun way to experience Poland and some Polish traditions, certainly some I’ve enjoyed.

Closer to home I’ve been to weddings of close family members, distant family members, friends and friends of friends. I also worked at a wedding venue in my holidays while studying for over 5 years. So I’ve been able to see a pretty broad spectrum of weddings in both style and substance. I did feel at one point like I’d seen all there is to see with weddings, but I was pleasantly surprised when I realised at my first Polish wedding that there was still more to see. Continue reading “Polish weddings”

Surviving Poland series intro

I’ve traveled to Poland quite a lot now over the last 10 years, which has given me the opportunity to experience a few different aspects of the country. So I thought a dedicated series would be the best way to share my experiences.

Although I must preface this with I’ve never lived in Poland, I’ve only ever been here as a visitor, although staying with family here has helped with a bit of an insight into daily life here. So this will undoubtedly put some bias on my observations, but it will hopefully be of use to any others who are fortunate enough to visit Poland and maybe entertaining for others.

Kraków main square

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