The start of another season

As the summer feels like it’s drawing to a close, for anyone shooting winter sports it’s the time to dust off the hand warmers and other bits and bobs and get ready. There’s a few things I might try out this year, as I try to continue improving both my photo and video skills while out pitchside…

I’ve been fortunate to have a complete kitbag for my Fuji setup to cover both my photo and video needs for football photography. This has meant my bag has remained unchanged and I’ve focused on getting the most out of it. In particular, the hybrid photo/video approach to games has been something to work on, which I covered in a video here. It’s definitely a challenge trying to both in a single game, but its great to be able to have both the outputs and really get along more from the games.

Also, the video aspect adds to another interaction off the pitch with the social side. As I mentioned in a previous post about amateur sports photography, the social side is as much of the fun as the photography. Last season I was fortunate enough to put together a video celebrating 10 years of the local football club (The Eagle FC), which was a documentary covering the history and evolution of the club (Link here). This was the first time I’d attempted a documentary style video, so an achievement in itself, but the highlight was getting to sit and watch the reaction of the team the first time they saw it.

Off the pitch I’d like to build on my workflow a bit more this year. Photo-wise it’s reasonable, with Adobe Lightroom I can get the games turned round pretty quick, and keywording for future use takes a bit longer (as I’m not needing that straight away). Video-wise I need to improve, while Lightroom has the capability for video, it’s painfully slow even with a fast PC, so I need to work on this. So any ideas on what to use would be appreciated.

As this season starts, I feel comfortable with the gear and myself to capture what I want to, which I hope will help me up my game a bit more. Equally as this season the club has been promoted, I hope to see a good performance on the pitch too.

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