Photographic style/consistency

One thing I battle with myself over is a sense of identity with my photography, I certainly don’t feel like I have a specific style, in fact, I know I don’t. But I have recently been reminded of this when watching a video from Sean Tucker on YouTube. For anyone that’s not come across his channel, I wholly recommend it, there’s lots of great videos well edited, and the content feels genuine, not regurgitated or recycled. For more thoughts on his channel among some others I like, checkout my earlier post on finding inspiration.

During this video, he discusses developing a personal style and creating consistency within your images. Something that I’ve often thought, and this reminded me was I definitely do not seem to fall into a consistent style and so I’ve been asking myself if I should do, or if I need to. Now I’m not a professional photographer, or trying to be, so I’ve been debating the importance of this in my photography, and I still haven’t come to a conclusion, but I’ll share my thoughts.

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Finding Inspiration pt2

In part 1 I covered the digital forms of media that I find useful for sources of inspiration, in this post I will talk more about other sources of inspiration. With finding inspiration from non-online sources it can take more effort, but often it can have a bigger impact, so is certainly worth exploring. That being said, there are some easy access sources that may be closer than you realise.

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Finding Inspiration pt1

In today’s world, access to visual media is prevalent, in fact, we’re bombarded with it daily, and so with photography being a form of visual media it’s easy to assume finding inspiration is simple. In reality, it’s not as easy as you would assume and the age old adage of quality over quantity becomes relevant. Managing our access to material in a way that helps combat the risk of saturation, quantity and not quality is something everyone should think about. Asking yourself if what you’re getting truly is inspiration, or is it that 2 second buzz that’s goes just as easily as it came. Here are a few thoughts on ways I’ve found inspiration, and also some sources that I find I go to more regularly.

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Review – Lowepro Flipside Sport

If you want to do any photography outside a studio, you’ll need a bag, and if you’re heading out for long periods of time or hiking with your camera it’s an important bit of kit. On longer trips, it’s not only going to carry your camera gear but also other essentials, food, water etc. I’ve had the Lowepro Flipside Sport (20L) for a few years now, so this is more of a long term review, but at least that means its thoroughly tested.

Loaded out with a tripod and poles

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My start in film

Why film? It’s a question I did ask myself a few times before dropping a few £ on ebay. I’ve always had too many hobbies, and being time poor these days I wanted to make sure it was a wise investment. After some thought, I realised extending my photography into film was going to scratch a few itches I have, and hopefully improve my photography overall. Here are the three main things which made me finally decide to venture unto the world of film. Continue reading “My start in film”

Polish weddings

So I thought for the first entry in the series I’d go with what is probably a common way for people to experience Poland, a wedding. Being from the UK, and having a nice and diverse environment, weddings of friends are often a reason for people to travel to somewhere new, and Poland is no exception. It also happens to be a real fun way to experience Poland and some Polish traditions, certainly some I’ve enjoyed.

Closer to home I’ve been to weddings of close family members, distant family members, friends and friends of friends. I also worked at a wedding venue in my holidays while studying for over 5 years. So I’ve been able to see a pretty broad spectrum of weddings in both style and substance. I did feel at one point like I’d seen all there is to see with weddings, but I was pleasantly surprised when I realised at my first Polish wedding that there was still more to see. Continue reading “Polish weddings”

Critique in situ

This is undoubtedly something that is obvious to many, but for those it’s not, it may help.

Critiquing your shots straight after you’ve pressed the shutter button is something I’ve realised that I have started taking for granted (having recently dabbled in film), and honestly, not been doing enough. Now, I’m not talking about chimping, checking blown highlights or any kind of quick glance at the back of the camera. But a true critique, does the shot have those leading lines, contrast, or subject position you was trying to achieve.

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Surviving Poland series intro

I’ve traveled to Poland quite a lot now over the last 10 years, which has given me the opportunity to experience a few different aspects of the country. So I thought a dedicated series would be the best way to share my experiences.

Although I must preface this with I’ve never lived in Poland, I’ve only ever been here as a visitor, although staying with family here has helped with a bit of an insight into daily life here. So this will undoubtedly put some bias on my observations, but it will hopefully be of use to any others who are fortunate enough to visit Poland and maybe entertaining for others.

Kraków main square

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Welcome to 5050view, here you will find a collection of my thoughts and experiences as I try to navigate my way through photography, travel and outdoor adventures attempting to balance life as a parent.

Among the random musings and descriptions of the things I learn along the way, I hope you can find something in here useful, or at least entertaining.