Kid friendly walks – Snake wood

There are lots of good walks for kids in the Peak District, but this has to be one of the best for feeling wild.

Being one of the best, or certainly more popular national parks in England, you have a lot of choice in choosing a day out walking with the kids. But as with many small person friendly activities you need some level of compromise. In the hills, this often means a shorter walk or less adventurous. That’s where Snake Wood in the Peak District has its advantage, it can feel like a much bigger adventure for a small trip. Note: if you want to see a more visual idea of what it’s like I have a video here

It’s located on Snake Pass, which in itself is a scenic drive and offers a good view of the hills. There’s a relatively small carpark located at the entrance to the woods (Google map link), which once across the road the path drops down fairly steeply through the trees. The path down is stepped with stone at it’s steep points, so easy underfoot if you’re wearing a kid carrier, but this is definitely not pushchair friendly.

Once you’re down and into the woods you’re greeted with a small stream that after rain can flow with a good pace. From there you can head right and follow it upstream, or left and downstream. Either way provides similar views. The path winds beneath tall trees, round rocks and provides lots of opportunity to get close to the stream. This means there are loads of interesting things for kids to look at, pick up and jump off. It has a feeling of adventure, being set down in a valley it’s almost like a fantasy movie scene.

If you do head left and follow the path downstream you’ll come to a small bridge, this trail then continues a lot further, should you wish to go that far! But for small legs this provides a good stopping point for lunch and place to turn around. It opens up a bit here too, so you can see a bit further and hear the sheep in the fields.

Overall, this walk is such a good walk for the wild feeling, and easy access with kids, so a perfect activity to squeeze in when in the area.

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